The Generosity Series is proud to partner with the people and organizations that are changing the world.
Here's a sample of the impact The Generosity Series has had:


At Brooklyn Autism Center, the number one is the most important number. That's because every student is treated as an individual and has a personalized educational and social skills plan. And that's why they maintain a 1:1 student-teacher ratio. Through the Generosity Series, BAC has funded the hiring of a life-changing teacher for two years.

Team Rewalk

A Rewalk device is a medical exoskeleton that provides paraplegics the ability to walk. Team Rewalk's participation in the Generosity Series marked the largest group of rewalkers ever assembled. At Generosity NYC, Team Rewalk members, with participants from four different countries, moved beyond the hospital walls to fully participate in a large scale fundraiser. As one team member said: If you can walk, you can't understand.