IN SUPPORT OF Jacob A Riis Neighborhood Settlement
$4299 RAISED
$4,400 GOAL

About Jacob A Riis Neighborhood Settlement

The mission of Jacob A. Riis Neighborhood Settlement is to build and strengthen underserved communities in western Queens and to act as a catalyst for change. We are a community-based non-profit organization that offers integrated, comprehensive services to the low- and moderate-income youth, families, immigrants and seniors in Long Island City, Astoria and beyond. Our goal is to help community members reach their greatest potential and achieve social and economic self-sufficiency.


Else Grotrian
$1350 RAISED
$1,000 GOAL
I'm so excited for this opportunity to raise money for Riis. Please chip in whatever you can! No amount is too small - or too large. :) And know that you will be helping a great organization that works wonders for the young and the elderly in some of the most underprivileged areas of NYC.

I have set myself a goal of raising 1000 for Riis, and I would greatly appreciate you making a donation and helping me reach this goal. All donations are, of course, tax deductible. All you have to do is click on this link and become my partner in Generosity.

Thank you for your support. If you are available, come out and join in cheering us on, as we do our part to make this world a better place.

Else Grotrian
Judith Heilmann
$200 GOAL
Walking for a great cause.
David Klur
$500 GOAL
I am excited to run for Jacob Riis! They are making such a difference for the families of Western Queens. If you are able to provide some support, any amount would be great .... and thank you!
Ray George
$2897 RAISED
$2,500 GOAL
Thank you very much for supporting our fundraising efforts on behalf of the Jacob Riis Neighborhood Settlement!


Ruth Summers - $350
C Flemming Heilmann - $207
Hi Captain Else!
I assume this is the Danish-American component of the Jacob Riis Settlement team coming together! Judy's via her own registration.
Jerry Crisci - $200
Anna Lynn and Stephan Oppenheimer - $103.50
Run, Ray, RUN! xo from the Opps
Debra Langer - $103.50
Go Ray!
elizabeth wilson - $103.50
!!!!!!!!! Ready, Set, RUN!
Erin Regina Flanagan - $103.50
Grow up. Be a unicorn. Stab people with your horn.
gordon mehler - $103.50
Go Else! Sorry I can't attend.
Katharine Butler - $103.50
Go Ray!
laura hillenbrand - $103.50
Bravo to you, Ray! Love to you and your family!

Laura Hillenbrand
Raymond E. George - $103.50
Sally George - $103.50
Seung Minn - $103.50
Good luck Ray!
Susan Waters - $103.50
Anything for RayGeo3 and family! This is good work!
Ajata Mediratta - $100
Cara Marriott - $100
Go, Ray!!!
carol b george - $100
Kimberly trundle - $100
Sydney Rosenkranz - $100
You rock! Good Luck Ray!
Anthony Gallo - $51.75
Carolyn Lesemann-Happy - $51.75
Run! Ray! Run!
Claudia step Paladino - $51.75
Great cause!
Fran and claudia Paladino
Else Grotrian - $51.75
Towards my goal!
John Paul Graham - $51.75
"Remember, the second most important thing to choosing the right shoe, is choosing the left one."
Joshua Klur - $51.75
Happy to support you!
Lori R Holmes - $51.75
Lynn Looney - $51.75
Good luck Ray!🏃🏻
Marianna Belsky - $51.75
Sorry cannot attend, but excited to support you and this very worthwhile cause. Cheering you on! Marianna & Ira
Marjorie K Sherr - $51.75
Melissa G. Iserloth - $51.75
Go Raymond!
Nancy Neufer - $51.75
Anonymous - $51.75
Renee G McColl - $51.75
Sibyl McC Groff - $51.75
Cheering you and Riis on.
Your leadership will be a winner no matter what.
I will try and come but trying to resolve a conflict.
Your fan
Thorkatla Donnelly - $51.75
ulysses sherman - $51.75
I expect you to run like you did in the Dodd Daytona!
Carolyn Collins - $50
Great work, Ray!
Charlotte Nelson - $50
Great cause, Else-Thank you for your hard work fighting for those who need our support and making a HUGE difference in their lives! XO
David Tager - $50
Edward Han - $50
Jennifer Anthony - $50
Good luck!
jonathan hollenberg - $50
Kathleen Deveny - $50
Happy to support such a great cause. Good luck on your run! Kathy, Tom and Jing Jing
Michael R Harrington - $50
Shannon Barden - $50
Good luck Ray!!
Sloane Lisa - $50
Go Team!!! So sorry I am
Unable to attend!!!
Sydney Bellows - $31.05
Good luck, Ray!!
Cathryn Smit - $25.87
Sally used the cheer I wanted to say. So I'll just say "Run like the wind, Ray!" :-)
Else H Gotrian - $25.87
Board Member - setting an example. :)
Else H Grotrian - $25.87
Just a little more incentive to the Riis and Friends group.
Lauren C Rosenblum - $25.87
Hope you had a great run/walk today!
Leigh Marchant - $25.87
Go Ray!
William A Pike - $25.87
Go, Ray, win this one for the cause!
Alison D. Foehl - $25
Nice work Ray!
I'm always late to the party--good luck Ray!
Deborah B Llewelyn - $25
Run, Ray, Run!
Grethe Griffin - $25
Good Luck on a great cause.
Anonymous - $25
Company Match on behalf of Debbie Lleweyn
James Elliott - $25
Run Ray, run like the wind!
Jytte Andersen - $25
Kaere Else,
Tusinde tak for din
Jytte Andersen - $25
Tillykke med dine 70 aar Else,
Istedet for blomster fra Marianne
og Jytte.
Saa lad os se hvad du kan .. :-)
men vi er sikker paa at du klare
det i stor stil...du er nemlig bare
saa dejlig. Knus, Marianne og Jytte
Karen Anisko Ryan - $25
Good luck Ray!!!
Nancy Dawes - $25
Carina liebeknecht - $20
Peter Grose - $10.35
Great work! Glad to see you have met your fundraising goal.
jytte Andersen - $5
Til hjaelp til en buket blomster fra Marianne!