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Since our founding in 1991, Philadelphia Interfaith Hospitality Network (PIHN) has moved 325 families—910 individuals— from homelessness to stability. We have grown our network further with the expansion of our network into Northeast Philadelphia in 2012.

The PIHN program provides assessment and referrals, emergency housing, supportive service and transitional housing. Equipped with new skills and relationships, 92% of our families do not return to shelter programs after their PIHN experience.


Bob Byrne
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During my 5 years working for Philadelphia Interfaith Hospitality Network (PIHN), I have been blessed to work with many great families who happened to be going through hard times.
It has been amazing to see their joy whenever a family has graduated from our homeless shelter program and moved into their own home.
But many families we meet are "one step away" from homelessness. The best outcome would be if they could get help and not have to experience homelessness.
At PIHN, we have a new focus on homeless prevention. With the funds that you donate to this cause, PIHN will provide timely assistance that will prevent families from becoming homeless.
More information can be found at
Please consider donating to this great cause. You will really make a difference.
Thank you,
Michael Serverson
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Deborah Kish-Silver
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On October 29, I am participating in a charity walk to raise funds for the Philadelphia Interfaith Hospitality Network (PIHN.) All proceeds from the event will be used to keep families in our community from becoming homeless.

The horrific problem of family homelessness needs a fresh approach. Shelters are full. Lengths of stay are getting longer and longer. Families are stuck in the system because there are few affordable housing options for them to relocate to. In the meantime hundreds of families are turned away from the City Shelter System daily. It is becoming more and more common for working families to couch surf at the mercy of others, trade food stamps for lodging, live in their cars, live in unfit properties that make their children ill, return to abusers. There is literally no safety net for low income working families – a complete American tragedy!

Hence PIHN is taking steps to focus on homelessness prevention. Homelessness prevention involves comprehensive guidance and individualized case management, combined with timely, targeted financial supports for any family at risk of losing their housing. Perhaps all that is needed is a one- time cash grant to prevent eviction…. Or maybe they need a shallow rent subsidy, a redesigned budget, and material supports…. Or perhaps just a safe place to be during the day where they can job search and relax with their children, taking pressure off their doubled up housing arrangements? It is not acceptable to put a displaced family on a wait list that might go on for months.

With a small pilot prevention program this past year, PIHN was able to help 20 at-risk community families to get back on track without losing their homes. Doing this prevention work has taken a toll on our staff. The cases are complicated, requiring lots of staff time, and our part time social workers are already quite busy serving the families who we are currently housing as well as 150 alumni families needing ongoing services and supports.

PIH is trying to raise $20,000 to help us staff prevention services appropriately through a 5 K Walk/Run to Prevent Homelessness on Sunday October 29th at the Art Museum.


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Go, Bob!
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We are so proud of you.
Love, Mom & Dad
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Bob, you are already a winner!!
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Go Northeast Philly PIHN!
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Proud of you! Sorry we can't run with you tomorrow but we will in the future!
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Bob you are an inspiration to so many people.
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