$9325 RAISED
$8,500 GOAL


Your support will help the 4,300 Holocaust survivors in our care, of which 50% are in financial distress.

Selfhelp provides essential services to over 20,000 elderly and at-risk individuals each year, while remaining the largest provider of comprehensive services to Holocaust survivors in North America.

We offer a network of home care and community-based services throughout New York City, Westchester and Nassau County, with the goal of helping seniors live with dignity and independence.


Alex Zeldin
$1287 RAISED
$900 GOAL
"To be is to stand for."

~Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel

Stand for survivors. Or in this case, run/walk for them!
Joanna Roberts
$200 GOAL
Maya Schnaider
$500 GOAL
I am honored to fundraise and run my first 5k for the incredible Selfhelp Community Services, Inc.
Your support will help the 4,300 Holocaust survivors in Selfhelp's care, of which 50% are in financial distress.

As years go by, our Holocaust survivor community becomes smaller. They have survived through unimaginable circumstances, and it is our duty to make sure that those who are still with us age with the dignity and respect they deserve.

This cause is very personal and dear to me. Thank you so much for your support! <3
Paul Katsnelson
$200 GOAL
Betty Reider
$200 GOAL
Daniel Horowitz
$200 GOAL
Samuel Pollack
$200 GOAL
Eugene Belkin
$2021 RAISED
$1,980 GOAL
Dear Family, Friends and Other Good People,

I am running the NYC Marathon (Nov 5) and the Generosity NYC 5k (Nov 12). For both of these events, I am fundraising for SelfHelp's Holocaust Survivor Initiative.

I have been involved with SelfHelp, a community-oriented non-profit for more than 2 years. It runs and supports wonderful initiatives and I am grateful for the opportunity to further widen this mission. The Holocaust initiative has a personal meaning to me and adds an extra layer of meaningfulness. Happy to talk more about this for those interested...

Please consider donating to my dual running efforts in support of SelfHelp, The Holocaust Initiative, as well as my first NYC Marathon (and first endurance race since 2014).

Thank you for all of your support and cheer! Appreciate the good vibes!
Jonathan Levin
$200 GOAL
Please join me in helping to provide comfort and dignity to Holocaust Survivors through the wonderful work of Self-Help!
Ophir Barone
$200 GOAL
Jonathan Spiegel
$200 GOAL
Matthew Pagirsky
$200 GOAL
Hi all,

I'll be running a 5k on November 12, 2017 in Riverside Park to raise money for Selfhelp Community Services, which is an organization dedicated to helping holocaust survivors and their families. Please consider leaving a small donation for a great cause. Thank you!
Felice Cohen
$500 GOAL
My grandfather is no longer with us, but there are still Holocaust Survivors who need our support. Please run with me or make a donation. No amount is too small. I am hoping to raise at least $500. Thanks so much!
Katie Lesser
$200 GOAL
Michele Pollack
$200 GOAL
Jeremy Weinrib
$200 GOAL
Kate Marks
$200 GOAL


Mindy Schneider - $517.50
Yeah Katie! Sorry I can't join you! xoxo
David Barone - $360
Thanks for supporting Selfhelp. Great cause. Good luck.
Anonymous - $258.75
Kol HaKavod. Just do it.
Assistant Deputy Wardens/ Deputy Wardens Association - $250
Anonymous - $250
Len Ioffe - $250
Jay Pagirsky - $207
Great cause. Have a great run my son.
Joanna Robebrts - $200
Lauren DAnnunzio - $200
Benjamin Schnaider - $180
Very good cause!
Regina Reider - $124.20
Good job!!! Love you
Samuel B Pollack - $122.13
Eugene Belkin - $108
Strength and resilience Betty! Good on you for taking on this cause and for promoting its message. Best wishes! P.S. looking forward to the carb loading ;)
Eugene Belkin - $108
Thank you for supporting this cause which means so much. Making it out is proof in itself! Stay strong my Mayush <3
Lisa Tepper Horten - $106.60
Wish I could be there to join team NextGen. Wishing you guys all the best on Sunday!
Carrie B Weinrib - $103.50
Go Jeremy Go!
Christopher Earl - $103.50
Gooooo get 'em Eugene!
Faina Taran - $103.50
gregg marks - $103.50
Jeremy Weinrib - $103.50
Judith Marks - $103.50
Fred and I hope it's a great day for you and Selfhelp!
Ksenia Kravtchenko - $103.50
Proud of you!! Wish I could be there in person to cheer you on!
Lana Kalinin - $103.50
Leslie Mayer - $103.50
Good Luck Matt and give it your all!!
michele pollack - $103.50
Rephael Mark - $103.50
Shelly Cohen - $103.50
Dearest Felice,
You walked miles for your grandfather when he was alive and now you honor Papa's memory and the memory of other Holocaust survivors.. We love you. Mom and Dad
Susan Baldock - $103.50
Way to go!
Alice Chin - $100
Alex, Keep up the great work!
Angela Levin - $100
Good luck!!!
Anonymous - $100
Jenny & Sidney Schwartzbaum - $100
Anonymous - $100
Mark Belkin - $100
Happy to support good cause!
Good luck with both races!
Mom and Dad
Anonymous - $100
Sherry Perlman - $100
Good luck and thanks for joining the effort!
William pollack - $100
Margaret Williams - $77.63
Good luck, Jonathan. May you always be guided by your wonderful principles
Moti porath - $74.52
Go Girl
Daniel Weissbard - $72
Representing Gurney well, proud of you Belkin
Alexander Zeldin - $54
Eugene Belkin - $54
Awesome job kicking it into next gear Paul! Great cause- happy to come together around this. Keep pushing!
Eugene Belkin - $54
Keep on following your passions and rallying others around them as well... all in good stride ;)
Oscar Mordkovich - $54
Best of luck man! Doing big things!
Tamar Caplan - $54
Amazing job! Keep doing great work.
Andrew - $51.75
don't die
Brittney Varia - $51.75
Go Eugene! We'll be routing for ya from Philly! Great cause and such an amazing accomplishment! - Brittney, Ankit, and Asher
Daniel Galeon - $51.75
Best of luck, you got this bud! From Daniel Galeon & Family
Great Cause! Happy to support you, Eugene! Kick some ass!
Dennis Katsnelson - $51.75
Yeahhh buddy! Best of luck :)
Edes Gilbert - $51.75
......with pleasure.....and thank you for reminding us all.....
Ido Shayevitz - $51.75
Best of luck, bro and keep the good things. You're a hero !!
Diana and Ido.
Jaime Fredman - $51.75
This is such a great cause! Have fun! xo, Jaime and Josh
Jeremy Baum - $51.75
Fantastic cause! Wishing you luck with your fundraising efforts and goal.
Jonas Collet - $51.75
Jonathan Levin - $51.75
Lauren Wiseman - $51.75
Good luck! So proud to support you in such a great cause!!!
Lori Seader - $51.75
So proud of you!
Marina Shub - $51.75
You're an inspiration! Sending good vibes :)
Paul Katsnelson - $51.75
Go get 'em! Always proud to support you and this cause!

-Paul and Betty
Paul Katsnelson - $51.75
Thank you for organizing a great event for a great cause! See you there!

Paul and Betty
Raphael A Sitruk - $51.75
Congrats Eugene!
Sarah boone - $51.75
Steven Malen - $51.75
From the Funtrain to the Ironman with love! Also just want to point out that this donation is what brought you to goal, just sayin... Break a leg, just kidding hehe Steve and Dina Malvin & the Chipmunks
Sunny K Bhalekar - $51.75
Best of luck my friend
Susan K Elefherakis - $51.75
Thank you Felice
Vanessa Sabbagh - $51.75
You go girl! And it’s for such a great cause!
Zachary Sheinberg - $51.75
Betty Reider - $50
So excited to support such a great cause!
Caryn Zucker - $50
Go katie !
Daniel Levin - $50
Eliot Nierman - $50
Go Ophir Go :)
Eric Platt - $50
Good luck!! - Eric Adam
Felice Cohen - $50
Thanks Papa for all you did for us!
Guy Ziv - $50
Thank you for doing this, Alex. Truly inspiring.
Hasan kazi - $50
Hasan kazi - $50
Good luck you crazy man!
James Ritter - $50
Jennifer Knishinsky - $50
Good luck Ophir!
Roslyn Goldstein - $50
Go Katie Go
Vladimir Zeldin - $50
Vladislav davydov - $50
Youssef Ben Youssef - $50
Good luck! come back in one piece please!
Maya Shirel Schnaider - $41.40
Go Betty!!! <3 <3 <3
Benjamin R. Rosenbach - $37.26
Thank you for doing this great mitzvah and for always setting your sights on Tikkun Olam!

Ben and Steph
Elana Kieffer - $37.26
For doing a great job leading the NextGen group!
Vineet Joseph - $37.26
This is a really noble cause. Wishing you all the best for the big day. Make it your best run yet.
John P Swope - $36.22
Good luck, pal! Should be a fun race.
Alison - $25.87
Alison Kadavy - $25.87
amy t dempsey - $25.87
Andrea Feuer - $25.87
Carmella Chessen - $25.87
thank you for all you do to continually remember and honor all Holocaust Survivors and Selfhelp.
Craig Tscherednikov - $25.87
Go Eugene! You're going to do great!
So proud of you! You are amazing - RUN FAST! xoxo
Ganesh Goswami - $25.87
You are an inspiration Eugene, never give up your warm heart -Dev Goswami
Gia Wakil - $25.87
So proud of you and honored to support this cause!
Gordon Lui - $25.87
Ilya Geldman - $25.87
Good luck!
jacqueline leitzes - $25.87
Go Sam!!!
Jolene Gurevich - $25.87
Go you!
Karan Jhaveri - $25.87
Go Maya!
Karan jhaveri - $25.87
Go Paul!
Karan Jhaveri - $25.87
Props for seizing the initiative and make a positive contribution to the world we live in!
Marc Lustman - $25.87
Run jds Run.
Anonymous - $25.87
Michael R Pollack - $25.87
Nathan A Mooney - $25.87
Good luck Jonathan! At the very least you'll the most stylish person to ever run a 5K!
Nathan Minkoff - $25.87
Nealofar Panjshiri - $25.87
You’re amazing Jonathan! Keep up the amazing advocacy and work. #mentorgoals
Sara Goodliss - $25.87
You’re awesome!!
Seth Walters - $25.87
Good luck!
Siddharth Mohan - $25.87
Great cause! Good luck with the races!!
Stephanie Ching - $25.87
Go Eugene!! Sending you good vibes from overseas!
Sunny Bhalekar - $25.87
Best of luck Maya
Teale McCleaf - $25.87
Good Luck!!
Arda ocal - $25
Good vibes!
Bevin Lustman - $25
Cora Iberkleid - $25
Daniel Robbins - $25
Danielle L Robertson - $25
Woohoo good luck with the 5k, and sounds like a great cause!
Dina Malen - $25
Great cause, thank you and good luck!
Eddi Khaytman - $25
Love the cause, love the runner
Keep living with purpose!
Jeremy Pagirsky - $25
Run run run!!!
marcia boland-wells - $25
In honor of your Papa
Robin L Toussaint - $25
Good luck!!!
Sandra Levykh - $25
Shai kopeld - $25
Stephanie Shimada - $25
Good luck with your 5K training! A couple more perimeters and you're set.
Tracey Olesh - $25
Jaime Boris - $20.77
Go Katie!!
Elizabeth Pullman - $20.70
Go Katie!
Stacy L Giufre - $20
What a great cause, Sam. Best of luck with your fundraising!
Eddi Khaytman - $18
You go Maya!!
Samantha Kaufman - $18
Ilana Feldman - $10.35
Laura A Moorstein - $10.35
Sorry I can't be there in person! So proud of you!
Anonymous - $10.35
Boa sorte!