$6659 RAISED
$6,250 GOAL


Nazareth Housing is dedicated to eliminating the multiple causes of homelessness in order to establish and maintain housing stability for each and every family. By providing clients access to benefits or housing support, effective budgeting, educational workshops, and opportunities for improved employment, Nazareth Housing provides permanent life-changing resources that break the cycle of homelessness.


Mary Kay Orr
$2021 RAISED
$1,500 GOAL
Please sponsor me as I run & walk on behalf of Nazareth Housing Inc. in the Generosity Series 5K at Riverside Park on November 12. For more than 30 years, Nazareth Housing has served some of New York City's most vulnerable residents through the provision of emergency shelter, supportive housing, urgent needs assistance (food pantry, eviction prevention support, furniture donations) and financial literacy programming. Our work brings hope and changes lives.

On behalf of the people that we serve, I am most grateful for your support. No donation is ever too small. It will make a difference in the life of a fellow human being.

Thank you.

Nikolaus Nelson
$650 GOAL
Hello Everyone! I will be participating in the Generosity 5K walk/run on November 12th in Riverside Park this year to help raise money for Nazareth Housing Inc. It has been an honor to work for such an amazing organization dedicated to making a lasting difference in the lives of our community clients, supportive housing residents, and EFS shelter families. Any donation, no matter the amount, is greatly appreciated and vital to our operations and programming. Thank you so much and wish me luck!
Mildred Perez
$400 GOAL
Dear Friends and Family,

This year I have decided to participate in the 5K walk/run (FYI I don't run therefore I will be walking) - Generosity in support of Nazareth Housing. Nazareth Housing staff is committed to the promotion of housing stability and economic independence among low-income households of New York City. I am truly committed to the mission of Nazareth Housing because of the children who parents/guardians we serve day in and day out in one or more of our services:

Homelessness Prevention: Providing ongoing support to low-income households and seniors to promote housing retention and continued self-sufficiency.

Supportive Housing: Combining case management and subsidized rent to families, seniors, and those with mental illness.

Emergency Family Shelter: Moving families from homelessness to housed better than anyone else in NYC.

Urgent Needs Assistance: When New Yorkers find themselves without a safety net, Nazareth Housing is here to help.

Louise’s Pantry: Providing food, clothing, toiletries, and urgent needs assistance to low-income families and seniors. provides students with opportunities that encourage creativity, build friendships and develop self-esteem through a variety of artistic experiences.

Join Nazareth Housing in the Fund for Fun - happening on November 12, 2017, at 9:00 am in Riverside Park.

Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It's about impact, influence, and inspiration. Impact involves getting results, influence is about spreading the passion you have for your work, and you have to inspire team-mates and customers. Robin S. Sharma

Thanks for your support!

Mildred Perez
Sander Randall
$1155 RAISED
$1,200 GOAL
Thank you for sponsoring me as I run on behalf of Nazareth Housing, an incredible organization staffed by amazing people that have been helping families avoid homelessness for decades.
Sibyl-Michelle Akins
$1011 RAISED
$1,000 GOAL
Dear Family & Friends
I am excited to be participating in the Generosity Riverside Park 5K Run/Walk on November 12, 2017 to Support Nazareth Housing Inc. As the Finance Manager/Controller for Nazareth Housing, I am honored to be a part of an organization who helps shape and change the lives of those in need.

Nazareth Housing promotes housing stability and economic independence among low-income families and individuals residing in New York City. We do that in several ways: through the provision of emergency shelter, supportive housing, eviction prevention services, urgent needs assistance, food pantry services and financial empowerment.

I am asking my friends and family to sponsor me for this event and become partners in supporting a wonderful charity who changes lives. I would greatly appreciate any donation you can provide.

Thank you for your support. If you are available, come on out and join the cheerleaders in cheering me on and all of the participants as we do our part to make this world a better place.
Miosoty Castillo
$300 GOAL
We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. Nazareth Housing is committed to the promotion of housing stability and economic independence among low income families and individuals of New York City. As the Supportive Housing Coordinator it is my pleasure to be apart of helping the community with housing and urgent needs.
I am walking for all who are in need of Supportive Housing, all who receives assistance from Supportive Housing and all who are apart of helping Nazareth Housing become what it is today. You are greatly appreciated and we have much work to do.

Sponsor me as I walk on behalf of Nazareth Housing on November 12, 2017 at Riverside Park. 7:30am-9:30am
Chris Barrett
$200 GOAL
Hello everyone! Please consider sponsoring me as I run on behalf of Nazareth Housing in the Generosity Series 5K at Riverside Park on November 12. Nazareth Housing is a provider of supportive housing, emergency family shelter, and homelessness prevention services in New York City. Our work serves families and individuals in all 5 boroughs.

I'm deeply grateful for any support you're able to provide, and look forward to hitting the pavement in November!
nayib pena
$200 GOAL
Hey Everyone!

For the past year I’ve been working at Nazareth Housing, a nonprofit based in Manhattan that helps prevent and end family homelessness in New York City. As housing costs continue to rise, more and more families struggle to make ends meet and find themselves homeless, or on the brink of homelessness. Last year Nazareth Housing helped over 8,000 individuals find affordable housing, or prevent them from becoming homeless altogether.
This past Sunday, Nazareth Housing participated in a 5K race to raise funds for our homelessness prevention services.
I am running on behalf of my organization, and for all the families that we will help in the coming year. If you are able, I would be immensely grateful for a donation in support of my run, no matter how big or small. Each donation will directly help Nazareth Housing help families in desperate need of a helping hand
$200 GOAL
Hello everyone! Thank you for visiting my page. I'm proud and honored to be participating in my first charity run with Generosity Series esp. with an organization I work for and firmly support its mission and values. Since 1983, Nazareth Housing steps in and creates unique strategies to ensure families remain safely housed. By representing Nazareth Housing at this event, I want to use this charity run as a platform to spread greater engagement and awareness on breaking the cycle of homelessness in NYC. Every bit of your support and contribution matters. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Elizabeth Simler - $500
You are amazing!
Sally Orr - $500
Barbara B. Stuart - $250
Way to go, Sander! Thanks for participating in this. Love, Aunt Barbara and John
Josh Williams - $250
Thank you for spearheading such a great event and wish I could be there in person!
Mary Beth Hogan - $250
Unmesh Kulkarni - $207
Burt Hall - $103.50
We're with you all the way
Dora Compis - $103.50
Jay and Dora
Anonymous - $103.50
Run/walk that Race to win!!!!!
Gary J Baumann - $103.50
Sorry that I can't be with you today!
Lisa J Davidoff - $103.50
Dear Mary K,

What a wonderful cause.
Nancy Shepherd - $103.50
Rosemary Dufour - $103.50
Go team MK
Ross Sarraf - $103.50
Tara Chambers - $103.50
Go Sibyl!!! So proud of you for doing this!
Anne C - $100
John Pistocchi - $100
Thanks for putting the Dutch Oven on the top shelf.
Anonymous - $100
Way to go Sander! Matched your gift last week.
Mary Kilbourn - $100
Go, MIldred!
Paula Barrett - $100
So proud to contribute 😙
Rose Ann Piemonte - $100
So proud of you!
Sarah Read - $100
Go MK!
steven Wolinsky - $100
susan kennedy - $100
Love you Nik
Charlotte Myers - $51.75
Christine Davis - $51.75
Good luck Nik!
Fox Burrow Designs - $51.75
Run Forest, run!
James Saracini - $51.75
Thanks for everything you do!
Janet Nelson - $51.75
Hi Nikolaus, love Mom
Janny Castillo - $51.75
Go for it sis, from the Castillo-Veras family
joan kennedy - $51.75
Way to go Nik! Joan kennedy
Lee Mays - $51.75
Good luck in your efforts
Maria Juback - $51.75
Go Nik!!
Matthew Pistocchi - $51.75
Good luck!!!
Anonymous - $51.75
$25 from me and $25 from your grandmother.
Anonymous - $51.75
omar nova - $51.75
Pamela Ware - $51.75
Victor Seale - $51.75
Best of luck!!!!!
Amauris Perez - $50
Love Mom
Amy Orr - $50
In Honor of Mothers in Need
Barbara Kling - $50
Very happy to support this great project. Good luck.
Diane Piemonte - $50
Glad to help! (Though you will be doing all the hard work! 🏃👍🏻) Have a great run!
Irene ellis - $50
You are amazing, Mary Kay!
Anonymous - $50
Way to go Sibyl! Matched last week's gifts.
Maurizio Arienzo - $50
GO Nik, GO!!!
Nancy Zerbe - $50
Nicholas Johnson - $50
Good luck! - Sarah & Nick
Ariel Shalev - $40
Milton Perez - $36.22
Akesha Freeman - $30
Ariel Camilo - $25.87
Cheena Mitchell - $25.87
Deborah Marcano - $25.87
Anonymous - $25.87
Anonymous - $25.87
Elise Banegas - $25.87
Go MIO!!!!!
Jaely Sanchez - $25.87
Kill it!!! ❤
Jeanette Hummill - $25.87
Go Prima!
jerome grant - $25.87
Good stuff Glad to support!
Josette Akins - $25.87
Good Luck Baby, we love you!
madeline grabowski - $25.87
Way to go, Francis!
Madeline Grabowski
Anonymous - $25.87
Melissa Castillo - $25.87
Nicola Elliott - $25.87
Good luck!
Paul Loncke - $25.87
All for good cause!! Good luck sibyl
Project Fly LA - $25.87
Hugs and Love!! Lucy and Kids!!
Samar Tabet - $25.87
Shavone King - $25.87
I will always support those in need. Chris good luck this Saturday🤗

Shavone King
Sheryl Purrier - $25.87
terriel scanterbury - $25.87
You can do it you Terriel
Tracy Rivera - $25.87
Best of luck
Xiomara Luna - $25.87
Good stuff, Sibyl
Alston Weekes - $25
Good luck
Amauris Perez - $25
Awesome cause, Francis! Thanks and blessings!!!
Cynthia Barton - $25
Cynthia Barton walk for the both of us
Daniela Tobal - $25
DesireeSantana - $25
Anonymous - $25
Go Francis Go!!
John Gallops - $25
June Smith - $25
kim Jordan - $25
Good luck Francis!!!
Anonymous - $25
Anonymous - $25
Anonymous - $25
Thank you!!
Anonymous - $25
Thanks for all you do!
Anonymous - $25
Way to go Mildred! Matched your gift of last week.
Anonymous - $25
Anonymous - $25
Anonymous - $25
Anonymous - $25
Anonymous - $25
Thanks for all you do!!
Michael Kling - $25
Anonymous - $25
Thank you
Rene Sitoy - $25
Rosa UcciGarro - $25
Good Luck Francis!
Sharon Williams - $25
Proud to support you Sis! Love you, Sharon
Taimak Guarriello - $25
Good luck my friend 😉!
Tracy Kaufman - $25
Zuleyka Nova - $25
Carmela Guarriello - $20.70
Great cause!! Awesome lady!! You got this!! Wish I could give much more!!!
Anonymous - $20.70
Robert Kosek - $20.70
Love you god sister!!! ❤❤❤
Cathy Bellatoni-Sperry - $20
I will Sleep U - $20
I may not support your 2k decision making, but I can stand behind this one. Good luck on your goal nayib.
Anonymous - $20
Anonymous - $20
Way to go Nayib! Matched your gift last week.
Maura Trinder - $20
Ramona Martinez - $20
Good Luck!!!
Deborah Wilkinson - $15.52
May this bless someone. 💞
Tashawnee Guarriello - $15.52
Anonymous - $10.35
Ha Trang Nguyen - $10
Go Mary!!! :)
Melanie Morgan - $5.17
Kim Jones - $5
Good Luck! Sibyl