IN SUPPORT OF Rosie's Theater Kids
$1462 RAISED
$1,400 GOAL

About Rosie's Theater Kids

Rosie’s Theater Kids is an arts education organization dedicated to enriching the lives of children through the arts. We serve students who otherwise would not have the opportunity to experience theater, positively changing the trajectory of their lives by providing comprehensive classes in music, dance, and drama; thoughtful mentoring; and structured academic guidance. Our goal is to inspire excellence, motivate learning, uplift the human spirit, build confidence, and spark a lifelong appreciation for the arts.


Tami Stamets
$200 GOAL
Steven Jamail
$200 GOAL
My beautiful friends and family,

If you know me, you know that theater has changed my life. I'm running this 5k to support the incredible organization I work for, Rosie's Theater Kids. This is an organization that quite literally saves kids with theater education. If I won the lottery, this would be where the biggest check would go. Please consider supporting this worthy cause. It's the real deal.

- Steven
Lori Klinger
$200 GOAL
I will be walking as I don't want to spill my wine!
Thecla Harris
$200 GOAL
I'm really doing this people- If everyone gives me 10 bucks I'll make my goal!!!
Molly Morris
$200 GOAL
Thank you for helping me support my favorite organization, Rosie's Kids! Rosie's helps young people 'rehearse for life' using the arts to prepare young people for successful futures. I've never seen anything as amazing as these kids light up on stage. Help me light them up!!!

Eddie Hutchins
$200 GOAL
Hali Hutchins
$200 GOAL


Dena Carruth - $100
Evan Anthony - $100
I may chase you!
Frances Howard - $100
Maya Leibman - $100
Carol A Klinger - $51.75
Enjoy your walk
James Dunigan - $51.75
go molly :)
John O'Brien - $51.75
Good luck! John
Theresa C Roney - $51.75
Enjoy the walk and the wine!
Amy Gewirtz - $50
Woohoo, Molly!!
Ann McDonald - $50
Hope you have fun doing this. Run like the wind....someone sang 🎹🎤🎼
Bernadette Harris - $50
From your wonderful mother, Bernadette...!
David Schwartz - $50
elizabeth noble - $50
Love you!
Sally Hinderegger - $50
Run Thecla Run!! So proud of you! Good luck.
Sarah B. Grossman - $50
Such a great cause. Bravo!
Christina Alanis - $25.87
Coleman Hemsath - $25.87
Jessica Thomas - $25.87
Please don’t spill your wine. Xoxo
Len Miller - $25.87
Good luck! Love, Ashleigh
Lynda L Buttle - $25.87
Anonymous - $25.87
1K jog...4K shuffle
Anonymous - $25.87
tess johnson - $25.87
Theresa Piliero - $25.87
You go!!! Great cause.
Wilhelmina Frankfurt - $25.87
corey brunish - $25
deborah Friedlaender - $25
You go girl!!
We are so proud of you!!
emily currie - $25
Gretchen Williams - $25
Sending positive walking vibes from NM!
H Danforth Irwin - $25
Way to go Molly! Rosie's Kids embroidery all the things theater should be.
J L Webb - $25
Mia Klinger - $25
Beauty must suffer!
Mia Klinger - $25
Use a sippy cup!
Sue Gilad - $25
Go Molly go!
Arvind Jayashankar - $21