IN SUPPORT OF Greenpoint Shul
$7523 RAISED
$10,200 GOAL

About Greenpoint Shul

Join us for engaging services, inspiring events, scrumptious Shabbat dinners, and soulful holiday celebrations in our beautiful 1886 synagogue building in the heart of Greenpoint. We're a traditional but big-hearted shul with a diverse congregation spanning not only three generations, but also the bringing together the entire Jewish spectrum, from geek to to grunge, from former Lehi to current lefty, and from Hasid to hipster. Come as you are. But come!


Jascha Preuss
$7305 RAISED
$10,000 GOAL
Dear friends and family,

WE came, and ran and won (in my age group... maybe there was no one else over 50) to help rebuild our shul.

Even Tani, Ariella and Nomi ran/walked the entire 5 km and were very proud of our accomplishments, both on the track and in fundraising.

Meanwhile, the shul is on an upswing in membership, and we have made substantial renovations to our sanctuary and our stained glass windows. Now we want to complete a major part of the renovation by putting on a new roof, and then move to repair the community room. Less glamorous projects include the men's room (the lady's room got a nice makeover and looks like a hipster bar) and the kitchen. My goal is to raise $10,000 individually. I put in $1,080 myself and with some very generous supporters have surpassed the $7,000 mark. Barely $3,000 to go.

Please support my fundraising efforts with a donation large or small.

Many thanks!

Grace Sudry
$200 GOAL


Ellen & Andrew P. & D. - $5000
Jascha Preuss - $1080
Paul Fribourg - $500
A O Sulzberger, Jr. - $258.75
Have a wonderful run, Jascha.
Arthur and Gaby
Grace Sudry - $200
Malaika Amon - $186.30
Happy Trails!!!!
Leonard Berman - $180
Benjamin Straumann - $100
Have a whisky!
Margaret Teich - $18
Go Grace!