IN SUPPORT OF Congregation Beth Elohim
$4020 RAISED
$2,150 GOAL

About Congregation Beth Elohim

Please join us on Sunday, May 21st at 9am for the second annual CBE Run. Our goal this year is to STRETCH the POSSIBILITIES for our community by raising at least $100,000 to support to programs, partnerships, and prayer that make CBE more than a synagogue to all of us. We invite you to challenge yourself….register as a runner or walker and join your fellow CBE members in beautiful prospect park for what promises to be an invigorating spring event.


Nicole Rice
$200 GOAL
Thanks to everyone!
Michael Ellis
$200 GOAL
Hi friends and family, My son Isaac and I are running in this race this weekend to support our Synagogue, Congregation Beth Elohim ("CBE") in Brooklyn. Rose and Isaac have both gone to the ECC preschool at CBE and loved it, and CBE and our family's community there means a lot to all four of us. Thank you for any donation you can give to support my run and my synagogue! Love, Michael
Aaron Miller
$200 GOAL
Debbie Brukman
$1179 RAISED
$200 GOAL
Hi everyone. Donate to CBE!
Douglas Schneider
$1439 RAISED
$750 GOAL
Hi all. I am running to raise money for CBE. We love our CBE community, from Shir L'Shabbat to the ECC. Please support my run to make sure that Shir L'Shabbat remains free to all participants.

But the real reason I am running is to beat the pants off of Debbie Brukman in our 2nd annual fundraising challenge. I am certain to win unless the Russians interfere with this contest.
David Goodman
$200 GOAL
Hi, I'm running 5k for Team ECC. Both of my kids have done the dual language and at least one of them will be running or scooting with me.
Danielle Mindlin
$200 GOAL
CBE is a wonderful community hub for Park Slope and beyond - help support its broad programming for children and adults by donating a few dollars!


Joshua Breitzer - $207
Go team Debbie!
Love from the Breitzers
Rhonna Goodman - $207
Good luck on your run. Mom and Dad
Eileen Alvo - $200
Dear Caroline and Greg Alvo,

Dad and I are happy to support the 3rd Annual CBE Run. We enjoy participating in the tot shabbats and sing a longs when we visit you and Adriana.
Anonymous - $186.30
Joy Holland - $174.91
In honor of cantor Josh Breitzer. What a voice! What a musician!
Erik Pitchal - $108
I can't stand it anymore. The begging is so unbecoming.
Aron Fischer - $103.50
Joan M Popper - $103.50
Run, Michael, run!
Nancy R Rice - $103.50
Have fun - be good to your knees!
Susan Yacker - $103.50
Go Deb, you rock! Love, Suze
Alex Mindlin - $100
Howard S Master - $100
Go Nicole!
Jane E Perman - $100
Go Debbie, awesome daughter!

Mom & Dad
Anonymous - $100
Veora M Little - $100
Go Debbie, you are awesome!!
Caroline Misan - $90
Go Doug! Thanks for all you do to make Saturday mornings so special!

Caroline, Greg & Adriana
Alison Bloomfield - $51.75
You're gonna crush it!!
-Morgan & Sammy
Dara Kass - $51.75
Thanks for running for the rest of us!
Denise Zaraya - $51.75
Have a blast!
Erica A Wolff - $51.75
Erica A Wolff - $51.75
Jacob R Gordon - $51.75
Jennifer B Bienstock - $51.75
You go girl! Do it for you Sunday 9am crew!!
Miriam Goodman - $51.75
Nancy Dodd - $51.75
Go, Nicole!
Sharri Posen - $51.75
Stephanie Becker - $51.75
Go Nicole!
Anonymous - $50
Anonymous - $50
Anonymous - $50
Anonymous - $50
Thanks for all you do to make Shir l'Shabbat happen.
Anonymous - $50
Thanks for the music every week.
Kieran Patten - $50
Schneids - I've been telling you for years that you need a good Irishman to run your campaigns. There must be one somewhere.
Kristen Kusama-Hinte - $50
Go Debbie!
Noa Heyman - $50
With HUGE Cheers and smiles from your loving fans in the Heyman Gore clan.
Anna L MacCormack - $37.26
Leslie Lewin - $37.26
Rock on Debbie!! We love you lots.
The Lewin Family
Anonymous - $37.26
Have fun!
Alison Ellis - $36
Great job! Stay with Isaac and be careful.
Donna Breitzer - $36
We hope this proves that we are not in collusion with foreign powers. Спасибо!
Elizabeth Kessler - $36
Go Debbie! We can't thank you enough for bringing so much joy to Saturday mornings! Love, Mike, Liz & Jesse Fernandez
Jennifer Falk - $36
Thank you for sharing the gift of music w our family! Love, Asher, Eliana, Jenn Tony
Karol Markowicz - $36
Good luck, Danielle!
Keren Mizrahi - $36
Thanks for all the work you do to make every Saturday morning so great! -Maya, Aaron and Keren
Keren Mizrahi - $36
Thanks for making every Saturday morning such a joy for our family! Maya loves taking out her guitar and singing Shabbat songs at home.
Melissa Glassman - $36
Good luck on your run. We know you will run very fast but not as fast as Isaac! We love you!
Elissa L. Gootman - $25.87
Go Debbie! We love you!
Run, Forrest, Run!!
Natalie Fagan - $25.87
Roxanna Velandria - $25.87
Shelby S Grant - $25.87
Go Doug!
Victoria E Haynes - $25.87
Thanks for everything you do!
Elizabeth Kessler - $25
Make us proud!
Gabrielle and James Starkman - $25
Dear Debbie, you mean so much to our family! Thank you for bringing so much music and love into our lives! Love Caleb Ozi Gabrielle and James
Gabrielle and James Starkman - $25
Run Doug Run!!
Sarah Hanson - $25
Way to go Doug! Jeremy and I really love taking Raizee to Shir L'Shabbat at CBE (almost) every week. This group of parents and kids has been a source of support to our family since we moved here in November. Good luck!
Lawrence Bach - $20.70
Yasher Coach, Doug!
Ilana Rosenberg - $20
Go, Doug! Happy to support you and team ECC :)
-Ilana, Brian & Daniel
Anthony N Corrao - $18.63
Thanks for organizing shir l'shabbat every week.
Tony, Jennifer, Asher and Eliana
Betty Leigh Hutcheson - $18.63
Go, Debbie!
Anonymous - $18.63
Debbie: We support you 100%. We have complete faith you will beat Doug.
Love from Uncle Vlad.
Lauren Popper Ellis - $18.63
Go Dad Go! We love you!
LChaim Doug! Thank you for supporting the community and all you do!!! Xo Exra "the tank" and Laurie
Thank you Debbie!!! Lchaim! Ezra and Laurie
Rebecca Bernstein - $18.63
For making me laugh aloud at my desk!
Rebecca Bernstein - $18.63
Thanks for making Saturday our favorite day of the week!
Anonymous - $18.63
Thanks for making our Shabbat mornings so fun!
Nicole R. Rice - $18
Go Michael!
Peter Ephross - $18
Go, Doug, Go!
Rachel D Geballe - $18
Go Debbie Go!
Rachel D Geballe - $18
Go, Doug, Go!
Rachel D Geballe - $18
Go, Nicole, Go!
Sarah Rezmovits - $10.35