IN SUPPORT OF Congregation Beth Elohim
$2533 RAISED
$4,500 GOAL

About Congregation Beth Elohim

Please join us on Sunday, May 21st at 9am for the second annual CBE Run. Our goal this year is to STRETCH the POSSIBILITIES for our community by raising at least $100,000 to support to programs, partnerships, and prayer that make CBE more than a synagogue to all of us. We invite you to challenge yourself….register as a runner or walker and join your fellow CBE members in beautiful prospect park for what promises to be an invigorating spring event.


Noa Heyman
$200 GOAL
CBE houses our shul, school and remarkably, our pool. It is the hub of our family's Jewish life, and serves as the foundation of our children's education. It is where I've engaged in challenging book discussions, heard remarkable authors and where the girls and I have the opportunity to care for the homeless. This is a place that matters to me and my family so very much. Thank you for your support.
Shai Geballe
$1,200 GOAL
Hello. Thank you for supporting me in my first 5k.
mitch Balsam
$200 GOAL
Jason Epstein
$200 GOAL
Raquel Gorodenzik
$200 GOAL
Ami Epstein
$1469 RAISED
$2,500 GOAL
Dear supporters,
Hi, It's Ami and I am running the Generosity Series 5k race to raise money for my synagogue, CBE. I am part of a team that's trying to raise $100,000 for tzedakah (charity). My personal goal is to raise $2500 and to beat last year’s time. I can do one part of this, which is to train to finish the race, but what you can do to help me raise money by CLICKING BELOW!
Any amount of money will be helpful!
The race is on May 21th, so click before I cross the finish line and time runs out!
Thank you in advance for your support.


Shira K Epstein - $360
We are so proud of you! Love Mommy & Daddy!
Shelley Geballe - $207
BabaKooki and Manna are proud to support you, Shai, in your first 5K and to support the good work of CBE.
Ben Geballe - $200
Go Shai!!! Go Altshul!!! Go CBE!!!
Anita K. Dinerstein - $150
Go Shai. I am proud of you doing this!

Mr T Gore - $150
Nina Blecker - $122.13
Go Shai, Go!
Love, Joey, Jacob, and Lilly
Robert Couturier - $103.50
Donald L. Epstein - $54
Ami, we are so proud of you and we know you will run like the wind! Grandpa Don & Grandma Eileen
Joanne Jacobson - $51.75
Good Luck!
Jonah paransky - $51.75
Have a great run supporting your shul!

The Paransky's
Joshua S Mincer - $51.75
Matthew Dahl - $51.75
Go Ami! Have fun! -Matt and Katie
Hallie E Labrador - $50
Go Ami! Beat your dad. Love the Labradors
Anonymous - $50
Katharine Ogg - $50
Great work, Ami!
Marcia & Bob - $50
Good Luck, Ami!
Anonymous - $50
Ellen B. Koch - $37.29
Run well !!!

Love, Aunts Ellen & Marty
Golomb Family - $37.26
Go Ami!
Joshua Hoffman - $37.26
Go for it Ami and Jason!
David P Kasakove - $36
Go Ami!
Lisa D Grant - $36
Run Ami Run - and have fun!!
Shira K Epstein - $36
Go Shai Go! (Jason)

ps We're catching up!! (from Ami)
Anthony G Cammarata - $25.87
Good luck Ami!!
Arthur C Epstein - $25.87
Very Proud of you Ami.
Audrey Elias - $25.87
Yay, Ami!
Elissa L. Gootman - $25.87
Go Shai! Run like the wind!
Rosalyn Koch - $25.87
Yay Ami
I am always proud of you!
Chalk v'amatz
Eytan S Kurshan - $25
Run Ami run!
Noa Heyman - $25
Go Ami! Go Team Altshul! Go CBE! Whoohooo!! From the Heyman Gore clan
Noa Heyman - $25
Go Shai Go!! (and yay for Team Altshul! And for CBE! Whooohooo!!)
Susan Perri - $25
Bravo to you, Shai!
Gary Sanchez - $24
To My Favorite Fan,

Hit one out of the park for me!
Natalia Guarin-Klein - $20
Go Ami.... From your BSI friend Evan
Elissa L Gootman - $18.63
Go, Ami! Run like the wind!
Lauren Popper Ellis - $18.63
Congrats Shai on your great finish! -Lauren, Michael, Isaac and Rose
Tehlah Eisenstadt - $18.63
The EisenFeils wish you luck and are impressed!
Jordan Brackett - $18
Go Ami!
Rachel D Geballe - $18
Go, Ami, Go!
Rachel D Geballe - $18
Go, Jason, Go!
Rachel D Geballe - $18
Go, Noa, Go!
Rachel D Geballe - $18
Go, Shai, Go!
Anonymous - $18
Go AMI!!
Steven Sachs - $18
Run Ami run!