IN SUPPORT OF Center Against Domestic Violence
$4,200 GOAL
Modern Rebel & Co. is an alternative event planning company with a social impact. We plan events and give 5% of each event's profits to 1 of 4 NYC non-profits.

Our 5K Team is made up of event planners, clients, and general supporters of putting love first, always.
- Modern Rebels

About Center Against Domestic Violence

The Center Against Domestic Violence works toward a society free of violence and abuse. The Center leads the way by offering education and prevention programs and promoting the well-being and economic independence of survivors of abuse.


Amy Shackelford
$1,500 GOAL
Hi Friends!

I'm back at it again this year raising money for CADV and running their 5K this May. Last year, I raised almost $1000 and this year I'm setting my goal for $1500 ! As you know, weddings (ahem, love parties) are the bread and butter of my business, Modern Rebel. I'm lucky to be on the sidelines as people decide to do life with one another. It's a courageous and beautiful decision, and I get to be in the heart of all this love stuff weekend in and out. Maybe that's one of the reasons I feel so passionate about this cause. At the end of the day, love is all we've got. It's the thread that keeps us fighting against injustice, the special sauce that reminds us to put things back in perspective, and it's what binds us no matter how different we may be. So, this year, in the wake of so much conflict and devastation, I'm rooting for love. I'm putting my money into causes that fight for it day in and day out. I hope you will, too!

P.S. This year, Modern Rebel has a team! If you're interested in running or walking with us, please sign up!
Ashley Clements
$200 GOAL
John Egan
$500 GOAL
Hello friends and potential sponsors. Guess what... I am running ANOTHER 5K, to help raise funds for The Center Against Domestic Violence. It was a great success last year so thanks to those of you who supported. CADV is a non-profit that I have recently become invested in through Modern Rebel & Co. They're doing their best to support those who, unfortunately, have found abuse where there should be love. I'm trying to raise a minimum of $500, and I need your help to support the amazing work they're doing for individuals and families here in NYC. It's a great cause and if you can spare even $5 or $10 dollars, it will be going to a meaningful cause. Or, if you prefer, you can join our team, "The Modern Rebels" and help us achieve our goal and come run a beautiful 5K in Prospect Park. Please help me spread the Love!
Jane Elias
$2,000 GOAL


J e r friedenberg - $103.50
Varda Elias - $100
I am so proud of you for standing for such great couse.
Aimee Jayinski - $51.75
Go, Jane. Love, Aimee, Yossi, Dani, Lily
Anonymous - $51.75
Joseph M Alonzo - $51.75
Hope this helps the cause Jane! Sorry if it's late!
Andrew Freeberg - $50
Evan Simeone - $50
Good luck, Jane!
Tamson - $50
Can I run with you?
Jodi Zisser - $36
You GO girl!
Amanda - $25.87
Amber Galeo - $25.87
From Rona's replacement at CADV. So excited to meet you!
Amy Staats - $25.87
Go Jane!
Diana Mino - $25.87
Douglas Silver - $25.87
You rock, Jane!
Elizabeth E Susong - $25.87
Go Amy, go!
Keith Grant - $25.87
Ronald W. Palais - $25.87
Run Jane Run!
Teresa A Tulipano - $25.87
Thank you, Jane, for doing this! You rock.
Tessa - $25.87
Run herzy, run!!! Thank you for doing this xx
Theresa Rose - $25.87
Anonymous - $25
Emma Gutt - $25
Go, Jane, go!
Leah Weinberg - $25
Get it, girl!
Samuel J. Belil - $25
Rachael Lee - $20.70
Go Jane!! Love you girl, this is fantastic!!