IN SUPPORT OF Brooklyn Autism Center
$5602 RAISED
$2,900 GOAL
The G Unit is proud to be running in support of Greta Walsh and the BAC. Greta is a bright, fun, loving 13 year-old girl who has been with the BAC for 7 years and continues to make great strides each and every day in the program. Please support Greta and all her classmates working so hard at this great school.
- G Unit 17

About Brooklyn Autism Center

The Brooklyn Autism Center is non-profit school dedicated to providing high-quality education to children with autism. We believe all children are unique and individualized instruction is essential to their growth.

Our caring professionals focus on each student to enhance and foster his or her maximum potential. We feel strongly that teaching in school must be generalized to the home and community in order for our students to be successful, and we continually strive to provide a variety of experiences for our students.


Patrick Walsh
$400 GOAL
The Brooklyn Autism Center is a one of a kind school that is helping my daughter Greta Walsh, and our family, make incredible strides each and every day. On April 29th I am running for the G-Unit in support of the BAC. Please make whatever contribution you can to this great organization that is helping so many families throughout NYC.
David Levens
$200 GOAL
Running with Greta and team G-Unit to raise money for the Brooklyn Autism Center and to help raise awareness about the cause! Love this place and everything they do. It's an amazing support system for so many kids with autism and to their families. Hope you can help show your support in any way possible!
meg murphy
$200 GOAL
I will be walking for team G Unit in support of my cousin Greta Walsh and her school, BAC.
Zachary Stratton
$200 GOAL
Hello! This is my first charity run to support my friend Luke's sister Greta and her school, The Brooklyn Autism Center. Thank you for your contribution.
Maxime Jatteaux
$200 GOAL
Thank you for sponsoring my first charity run!
Susan Panebianco Arch
$200 GOAL
On May 21st, I will be running to support my best friend's amazing daughter, Greta Walsh and her school, Brooklyn Autism Center. BAC is a wonderful school that is helping Greta and so many families throughout NYC make incredible strides. Please consider making even the smallest donation to our team. Thank you!!! I love you, G!
Bryan Thornton
$200 GOAL
Welcome to my fundraising page!

To learn more about the Brooklyn Autism Center, click here:

On behalf of the wonderful kids the school supports, thank you in advance for your contributions!!
Greta Walsh
$200 GOAL
Please support me as I runs in my first ever 5k! I am raising money for my school, Brooklyn Autism Center. Thank you!
Sean Walsh
$200 GOAL
Even tho I'm not the best runner, I would do anything for my sister Greta. She is an Autistic girl that has trouble with patience and settling down. Please donate money to the Brooklyn Autism Center for my sisters education.
Luke Walsh
$1307 RAISED
$200 GOAL
I'm running to support my sister Greta who attends the Brooklyn Autism Center. I not only want to raise money for her school but also bring awareness to the issue that is Autism. My sister is running as well so good luck Greta.
Karen Walsh
$500 GOAL
On May 21st I will be running in support of my precious daughter, Greta. Brooklyn Autism Center is a small, specialized school where Greta recieves 1 to 1 instruction to achieve her goals. Please consider making even a tiny donation. Thank you : )
Deniz Yegen
$200 GOAL
Let's do this!


Mark Arum - $500
Go G-Unit!!!
Good luck Luke & Greta!!

Lots of Love,
Pooja & Robert
Brian Jones - $103.50
Go get 'em, Zachary!
brian mone - $103.50
francis brancato - $103.50
Let's Go G-Unit and Greta!
Kim Hogan - $103.50
Good luck Luke!!!
The Hogan Family
Patrick Levens - $103.50
Sandie Trombert - $103.50

Vincent Pastina - $103.50
Good luck G-Unit!
Carissa Lopez-Barbaro - $100
We love you guys!!!
Tom, Carissa, and Cole
Jane Dion - $100
You go Luke Show them what you got
Johns Hopkins University - $100
Kathleen Kielczewski - $100
Happy Belated Birthday Luke!! Love ya!!
Matt, Kathleen, Matthew and Kaitlyn
Kenneth Stratton - $100
Go, Zachary, go!! This is a great thing for you to do!! We are really proud of you for doing this. I posted this announcement in my office and others will help. It's a great cause to support!
With all our best wishes and love,
Grammie & Grampy - - - Go Zach!!
Kenneth Stratton - $100
Hey, Zach - Your Grandad said you could run like the wind!! If that's true, then we want to help. Your Grandad's co-workers at Main-Land Development.
Good luck Zachary!!
Lyle Greenfield - $100
Proud of you, Zachary. If you haven't already like the wind and enjoy!! Cheers, I mean 3 Cheers ~
Marcia DiNorscio - $100
Shannon Doherty - $100
Steven Tardalo - $100
Kristen Strobel - $88
Love all of you tons!
The Strobel's
kathleen murphy - $75
Shake a leg, Meg!
Adrienne LoPresti - $51.75
Love to the G Unit!!
Anne Vinchiarello - $51.75
You go Sean🏃☘️
Anthony DeFrancisco - $51.75
Hi Maxime,

How great it is of you to run in support of people less fortunate than you! Lukas and I are happy to know you and wish you a great run on Sunday.

Cailey Rodgers - $51.75
Deniz Yegen - $51.75
Gretchen Baudenbacher - $51.75
Go Luke! You're a great brother. From Quinn
Jen Mone - $51.75
Long Island is such a pretty place for a run.....go Sean go! Love The Bellos
Jocelyn tobia - $51.75
You are one amazing and sweet girl Greta! Good luck on your first run!! Love, The Bogacki's
You are a good man.
Kathleen Duggan - $51.75
Good luck!
Kathryn Spurr - $51.75
Luke I am so proud of you for so many reasons, you are an awesome brother to Greta, as we all can see everyday! I love you soooooo much! Good luck running the race!
Kathryn Spurr - $51.75
Sean you are a wonderful brother, I wish you luck running the race! Love you lots!
ted Szczepaniak - $51.75
Run Forest, run
Willie Wood - $51.75
I was supposed to do this a month ago!
Andrew DiPeri - $50
Get it, G Unit!
beril k vercosa - $50
Go, Greta!
Discover Outdoors Foundation - $50
Doreen Palucci - $50
Have a run with a ton of fun! Love ya!
emily hanczyk - $50
So proud of you supporting your sister and her school. You've surpassed your goal and just keep on going! I miss the Walsh family and I'm wishing you all the best of luck on race day. Way to go!
Geada Ford - $50
Jeanne Marie Key - $50
Run Luke Run!
Jennifer Trabucco - $50
Love you guys!
Julia Farber - $50
Karen Walsh - $50
Good Luck Greta~ Love, Fran & Joe Panebianco
Laura Panebianco - $50
Lucia levens - $50
Mathias Roberts - $50
Go G. We are so proud of you.
Mathias Roberts - $50
Good Luck to Mommy of The G Unit
Mathias Roberts - $50
Good luck to Papa of the G Unit.
Mathias Roberts - $50
Sean, you are a great brother and we are proud of you. Have fun.
Mathias Roberts - $50
Win the race Luke! Very proud of you.
Nicole Torrillo-Smith - $50
Lisa Kang took my message...
Richard W Dunton - $50
Right on Zachary!
Michael Harris - $40
Go G! Love you. xo Aunt Claudine
Go Luke!! Love you. xo
Go Sean!! Love you. xo
Ashley Hildreth - $25.87
I heard there were $25 haikus available?
Charles Biskupic - $25.87
David Restiano - $25.87
Good Luck Pat and the entire Walsh family.
Doreen Levens - $25.87
Go Luke ! Doreen Levens
Evan Greenhill - $25.87
jessica schnur - $25.87
Kristine Stratton - $25.87
Way to go, Zach!
Mark Drilon - $25.87
Pat and Gretta! All the best!
mark salvo - $25.87
Good luck Sunday!
Mary Spurr - $25.87
You GO, Luke!!! Sisters (and brothers!) are such a gift!! And you are priceless to them...
Marzena Sherry - $25.87
Have fun!!!
Maureen Hurd Hause - $25.87
We are with you in spirit and sending love!
ozlem ucer - $25.87
Good luck Maxime ❤️
ryan spurr - $25.87
suzanne greco - $25.87
I'm just doing it for the haiku !
Virginia Galvan - $25.87
Go Zachary! So happy to help support BAC through your efforts!
yonca kayacan - $25.87
I am so proud of you Maxime!
Amanda Handy - $25
Good job Luke!
Love Amanda and Trent!
Amanda Handy - $25
We love all of you!
Amanda and Trent
Andre De Sylva - $25
All the best my friend, this is a great cause!
Brigid Nelson - $25
Go Zachary! -Love, Ava and Margot
doreen levens - $25
Run, Dave,run!! Mom
emily hanczyk - $25
I was never a good runner either......but you will be great! Best of luck Sean. I'm so proud of you!!
emily hanczyk - $25
Way to go Greta! I'm so proud of you.
Jessica Caldara - $25
Greta is so lucky to have such an awesome brother!
Jessica Caldara - $25
Greta is so lucky to have such an awesome brother!
Karen Walsh - $25
Good Luck Luke~ Love, Fran & Joe Panebianco
Karen Walsh - $25
Good Luck Sean~ Love, Fran & Joe Panebianco
Kate Horne - $25
Katherine Biese - $25
kristine wallace - $25
Go sean! We are so proud of you.
Leecia Manning - $25
We are so proud of you!
Leecia, Mike & Stella
Linda Itani - $25
Lindsay Zettler - $25
Lisa Case - $25
Good luck!
Lisa Kang - $25
Run, Bryan, Run! :) Best of luck!!
Lori Singer - $25
Go Greta!!
Maria Tonrey - $25
Good luck!!
Mark Arum - $25
Mathias Roberts - $25
Good luck Sean! I know you'll run super fast for Greta on Saturday. I love you and will see you Saturday!


Mathias Roberts - $25
You can do it Greta! I'm so proud of you!

monica fusco - $25
What an awesome brother you are Luke! Good luck!
Sarah Pernick - $25
Go get em, tiger!
Blair Naylor - $20
Maxie Etess - $20
Anonymous - $14.49
Go get'em Luke!
Aslihan Unaldi - $10.35
Very good cause, good luck!
Civan Ozkanoglu - $10
fred reinhart - $10
Go Maxime. Supporting you from Germany👍
inci kutun - $10
Go Maxime!!!
evrim bas - $5.17
Our champion!.. :* and what a noble cause. Love, love...