IN SUPPORT OF Congregation Beth Elohim
$2402 RAISED
$2,400 GOAL

About Congregation Beth Elohim

Please join us on Sunday, May 21st at 9am for the second annual CBE Run. Our goal this year is to STRETCH the POSSIBILITIES for our community by raising at least $100,000 to support to programs, partnerships, and prayer that make CBE more than a synagogue to all of us. We invite you to challenge yourself….register as a runner or walker and join your fellow CBE members in beautiful prospect park for what promises to be an invigorating spring event.


Seth Lewis Levin
$200 GOAL
Sydney and Elijah's second home is at Yachad at CBE. This year they are joined by Ava at the Early Childhood Center. While tuition and membership dues support much of the educational programming our kids are involved in, our synagogue is a non-profit and every dollar makes a difference toward supporting service learning, social justice activism and identity development. This year, we are running at the CBE Retreat and would love your support!
$200 GOAL
Hi Everyone: I am running in the CBE Run while I am on the CBE retreat this year. This is a run to raise money for CBE, my synagogue, where I go to Hebrew school, afterschool, and I love it! Please make a donation to support my run and my synagogue!
Daniel Weiss
$200 GOAL
Hi - I'm participating in a 5k run for CBE. I'm running in honor and support of the great programming, specifically our ongoing dismantling racism initiative. I hope you can contribute a small amount to further this important work. Thanks!
Felicia Park-Rogers
$1,000 GOAL
I think I can, I think I can...Please donate today to support my efforts to train for this run and raise money for the fantastic community institution that is CBE. Your donations help fund scholarships and low income memberships possible, keep the Spring homeless shelter running, and bring amazing programming to Brooklyn.
Cara Raich
$200 GOAL
Raich Ariana
$200 GOAL
Rob Raich
$200 GOAL


Avi Silberstein - $250
You look 10x scarier in person 😜
Jeffrey Berman - $207
Joan M Popper - $103.50
May the wind be at your back!
Leslie frishberg - $103.50
go get em Felicia!
Richard Weiss - $103.50
Picture is not so scary!
Eli Timoner - $100
Bravo Felicia! We're with you and adore you!
Li Li & PopPop
Jo-Ann mort - $100
Go get 'em- ! Thanks for doing this-
Neal Lewis - $100
Risa P Raich - $100
Good luck Ari and have fun!!
XOXO Uncle Steve, Aunty Risa, Jordi, Talia, Leah & Dani
Harlene Katzman - $81
Steve from I hope you have a great run!!!
Gina G Schmeling - $72
Go Dan! Run well and do well for a good cause.
Barry E Levin - $51.75
Yeah for Ava (and also those other Lewis Levin slugs)!
Dorothy Lacher - $51.75
Dorothy Lacher - $51.75
Dorothy Lacher - $51.75
Jonathan and Abby - $50
Don't Stop!
Robert Rothenstein - $50
Bob and Beth - Wear Good Socks!!
Anna L MacCormack - $37.26
Go Isaac!!!! -Emmy et al.
Betty Leigh Hutcheson - $37.26
Go, Cara!
Gregg Alpert - $37.26
Glad to add our support for a great community institution (and shul) and for a great person (and her equally inspiring Rabbi life partner)!
Lauren Popper Ellis - $37.26
Thanks for organizing the CBE retreat run! We had fun hanging out with the Lewis Levin family at the retreat! Rose and Ava are totally hanging out next year... Go CBE! - Lauren, Michael, Isaac and Rose
Alison Ellis - $36
You are a great runner. So fast and steady. Go, Isaac, go!
Jonathan Fried - $36
Run, Felicia, run!
Lisa Kutlin - $36
What a great way to have fun and collect Tzedakah for CBE. Go Isaac!
Melissa Glassman - $36
Way to go, Isaac! We know you will run very fast! We love you!
Anonymous - $31.05
Debra N. Olshever - $25.87
I hope you have a great run!
Love to all,
Deb & Mark
Jennifer J Morris - $25
Julie Binder - $25
Kathy Bollinger - $25
Keep fighting the good fight!

Much love,
Kathy b
sara stone - $25
Keep up the good work, Dan!
Sarah Landew - $25
Run Dan Run!
Lisa Master - $20.70
Thanks for your work fighting racism and running the race!
Deborah K Stone - $20
Keep your eyes on the prize!
Betty Leigh Hutcheson - $18.63
Yeah, Felicia! Run!
Lauren Popper Ellis - $18.63
Go CBE Retreat kids run! It was fun to see you and your family at the retreat! -Lauren, Michael, Isaac and Rose
Lauren Popper Ellis - $18.63
Great to hang out with you and your family at the retreat!
Lauren Popper Ellis - $18.63
Great to hang out with you and your family at the retreat! Go CBE!
Zachary Katznelson - $18.63
Way to set the pace, Dan!
Nicole R Rice - $18
Go Isaac!
Rachel D Geballe - $18
Go, Cara, Go!
Rachel D Geballe - $18
Go, Felicia, Go!
Rachel D Geballe - $18
Go, Isaac, Go!
Rachel D Geballe - $18
Go, Rob, Go!
Rachel D Geballe - $18
Go, Seth, Go!
Linda Arbus - $15
Michelle Citrin - $11.38
11 is one of my favorite numbers :) and you're one of our favorites...seems like a good match! Go git 'em grrrrrl! xo
Christine Jackman - $10.35
Yes, Stronger together!
Sarah Rezmovits - $10.35
Tracy Robin-Levine - $10.35
Glad to support your undoing racism work!