IN SUPPORT OF Brooklyn Autism Center
$5497 RAISED
$16,900 GOAL

About Brooklyn Autism Center

The Brooklyn Autism Center is non-profit school dedicated to providing high-quality education to children with autism. We believe all children are unique and individualized instruction is essential to their growth.

Our caring professionals focus on each student to enhance and foster his or her maximum potential. We feel strongly that teaching in school must be generalized to the home and community in order for our students to be successful, and we continually strive to provide a variety of experiences for our students.


Taylor Gonzalez
$1,000 GOAL
Hi everyone!
Please help me raise money to support our incredible school! BAC is a place where each of our students gets the highly individualized support they need in order to succeed in life. Your donations will enable us to continue to provide them with the quality education they receive and deserve. Any donation is truly appreciated!
Amy Gewurtz
$200 GOAL
I work at Brooklyn Autism Center which provides 1:1 ABA therapy to children with autism. I feel so blessed to be able to work with the greatest kids on the planet! I registered to run in a 5k to help raise money for these kids' continued education! Any donations would be greatly appreciated to help me reach my fundraising goal of $200!
David Olivares
$500 GOAL
Hey everybody! It's my second year running Generosity Brooklyn's 5K and it is absolutely brazy how time just flies by! Over the past year, I've only gotten to know my students more and I have grown more as an instructor. Last year, I raised over $700 for Brooklyn Autism Center, which went towards getting art and music supplies as well as taking our students to awesome field trips!

I’m sure most of you know by now how I feel about my position as a teacher at Brooklyn Autism Center (and the many responsibilities I have at our school). Not only am I am the music teacher at BAC, but I am also one of the coordinators at our after-school program. This program allows our students to hang out with other kids their ages and provides them with activities that help our students work on their peer socialization skills.

I would love your help to get me to reach my goal of $500. The money we raise will provide so many opportunities for our students, such as purchasing additional instruments for music class and fun activities for our after school program. Please help me make a difference by sponsoring me at this 5K run! Thank you so much in advance for your support!
Kara Heinaman
$500 GOAL
Attention all fellow hand vacuum lovers-- please help me raise money to support this amazing school that helps children who have autism!
Leslie Simon
$1,500 GOAL
Hi friends and family! On May 21 I am participating in a 5k fundraiser to raise money for the Brooklyn Autism Center (BAC), where I work! BAC is a not-for-profit school serving children with special needs where we provide high quality, effective educational services for children that need 1:1 support. Any donation would be greatly appreciated!
Janet Delgado
$1,000 GOAL
On May 21st, I am once again running in a 5k to raise money for my school the Brooklyn Autism Center (BAC). BAC is a not for profit school that provides high quality, effective, educational and behavioral services for children with autism that need 1:1 support. We teach our students a number of skills such as self-care, social, academic, vocational, leisure and language skills. All donations will help us to continue to provide a variety of services to our amazing students. Click the link to donate.
Jessica DeFranco
$500 GOAL
Gabrielle Brigandi
$1035 RAISED
$2,000 GOAL
On May 21st, I am participating in a 5k fundraiser to raise money for the Brooklyn Autism Center (BAC) where I provide behavioral services to students with autism. BAC is a school that provides high quality, effective educational services for children that need 1:1 support. Each day our students are learning new skills that will ultimately help them be more independent and happier throughout their days! These skills include language, leisure skills, social skills, self-care skills, vocational skills, and academic skills. Any donation would be greatly appreciated and will help to provide a variety of services for our amazing students!

Check out this link to find out more about why this is such an amazing place to learn!
brittany lakis
$800 GOAL
Please support an amazing place, The Brooklyn Autism Center, that provides so many great opportunities for the students!
Julie Russell
$1212 RAISED
$5,000 GOAL
I feel so proud to be a part of the BAC team! Our school provides a highly individualized educational environment where all students can learn and have fun while doing it. Please help support our students in order to continue the quality education they are receiving. Thank you!
Marina Khaselev
$1,800 GOAL
Hey All!
This year, like others in the past, I am participating in a 5k fundraiser in support of the super awesome school and team that I had the pleasure of becoming a part of earlier this year.
BAC is a school for kids ages 5-21 on the autism spectrum. Our kids get 1:1 instruction throughout the day, are active in the community, get to participate in some amazing peer socialization programs and use the best technology out there to help them communicate and gain independence. Help us keep doing what we do best, support the autism community and get me to my goal!!
Andrea Delgado
$1,000 GOAL
On May 21st, I am participating in a 5k fundraiser to raise money for the Brooklyn Autism Center (BAC) where I work. BAC is a school for children with autism. We provide high quality, effective educational services for children that need 1:1 support. Any donation would be greatly appreciated and will help to provide a variety of services for our amazing students!
Theresa Basile
$500 GOAL
I've been working at BAC for four years and I also have a brother with autism. I'm so proud to work at this amazing organization that provides so many opportunities for kids with autism to succeed. Please support me in this run!

Thank you!

Jonathan Dietz
$200 GOAL
Brooklyn Autism Center is a place for growth for all parties involved. From our ever-learning and growing students, and their equally incredible parents, to the staff who work so hard to provide evidence based services, everyone I've known here has grown considerably. Please help to be a part of a community that is dedicated to teaching, well being, and equal opportunity for progress in life for all.


Felicia Anzel - $517.50
Good luck on the run!
Riley Vann - $250
Theresa, all we ask is that you split the calorie burn with us. Good luck!
Janet M Delgado - $200
To my girl!! I am so proud of all your accomplishments in life! You have grown to be such a strong young woman! I love how you love and care for your kids at work. I love going every year to your race and seeing the kids you love so much. :) My heart always swells with pride.
Anonymous - $155.25
Fridman, Marcel - $117.99
Allen Khaselev - $103.50
Keep it up, babe!
Brian Kutayiah - $103.50
Keep up the good work!
david cohen - $103.50
Go Julie,

Hope you enjoy the event and meet the $ goal. Great cause.

Dave & Jeanette Cohen
Gisel Gonzalez - $103.50
Thank You Andrea!
Gisel Gonzalez - $103.50
Thank You Janet!
Gisel Gonzalez - $103.50
Thank you Jessica!
Jacqueline Brigandi - $103.50
Slava Dudin - $103.50
Good luck ❤️
stephen colehatchard - $103.50
you have a beautiful soul Gabrielle...
B D Richards - $100
Caroline Godoy - $100

Gisel Gonzalez - $100
Thank you Jonathan! You're the best!
james deluca - $100
Jane Brigandi - $100
You are so special!
Marc Kurman - $100
Go for the Gold Julie!
Michael Pennartz - $100
Paul Polivy - $100
Paul Sensale - $100
Great cause Julie. Paul S.
Yan Brodskiy - $100
You are doing a great thing!! Keep it up.
oron unger - $81
Good luck, you're doing an amazing job.
Evelyn Codd - $75
Carry on, dear daughter!
Alan Fernandez - $51.75
Christine Simon - $51.75
Love and miss you Sissy!
❤️ Dad, Q and Logan
Eric Dillon - $51.75
Jeffrey Heinaman - $51.75
Can you beat 20:00? Love you. Mom and Dad
jessica nasuti - $51.75
We have numerous groups come to my gym here and it makes a huge difference in all of their days! This is a great cause keep doing your thing gab!!
Love ya
Jessica !!
Kathryn Anne Innes - $51.75
Go Brittany Go!!
Billy and Kate
kristina Zanelli - $51.75
Love Sill
Mary R. Carroll - $51.75
So happy to support the important work you do! xo
Michael Armstrong - $51.75
Your the best Gabba!!!
Natascha Heinemann - $51.75
A great thing we like to support. Hugs
shannon clifford - $51.75
Get it cuzzzooo
silvia Ballentine - $51.75
Valentina Fedoroff - $51.75
yevgeniy kravts - $51.75
Amazing cause! Great stuff!
Alina Kurman - $50
boris shulman - $50
Anonymous - $50
For a great cause!
Igor Fedorovsky - $50
Good job!
jane seeger - $50
Julie, proud of you and this cause!
Janie and Michael
janet starkman - $50
Have fun!
Kaitlin Palencsar - $50
Go Julie!!!
kathy stila - $50
The Center and the Children are so lucky to have you as their teacher.
Thank you for all you do.
Kathy Stila
Laurie Schaff - $50
You go girl!!!

Michael Padilla - $50
You're doing great work Leslie. I hope you have a great run.
Rosemary Innes - $50
Proud of you, Brit!
Love, Uncle Bill &
Aunt Rosemary
Ryan Keenan - $50
Go gabe !!! ❤️❤️❤️
tyler youvan - $50
Valentina Fedoroff - $50
Cori Cunningham - $41
Donating my age - haha! GO YOU!
Shannon Demorest - $30
Makes my heart happy that such an incredible community has someone as wonderful as you working with them! Love you!
Justin Gerald - $26.20
Abigail Ingraham - $25.87
Proud of you! Get it girl!
Amanda Lebowitz - $25.87
So proud of you!!! xo Amanda
Deanna Brigandi - $25.87
Love you Sista
Elizabeth Belonzi - $25.87
Juan Sosa - $25.87
Melissa Orsini - $25.87
It takes a special person to do what you do! Best wishes for meeting your goal! <3
paul chiorazzi - $25.87
Go get em Gab
Love Paulie Wallnutz
Roman Shraga - $25.87
Good Luck!
David Nguyen - $25
Any, good luck! - David Nguyen
Jessica Verblaauw - $25
You rock kitten!
Katelyn Baughan - $25
Mark Noble - $25
Love you Leslie! The impact you make on all these amazing children is awesome. You da bomb! Your other side of the country best friend, Krysta (xoxo)
presley kiefer - $25
Gabeee you're the best I love you! You're such an incredible person your students are so fortunate to have a teacher like you!
Victoria Ratmansky - $25
Very proud of you👍🏻
Anonymous - $20.70
Would love to get the kids to DuDance! You think the program directors would be down with that?
Deborah Baumgart - $20
Best of Luck, from a friend of your moms Debbie Tkac Baumgart TN
Jennifer Gordon - $20
Go Gab!! Love you and everything you do for your students!
Daniel Mercado - $15.52
Good luck Jess!!!
Jillian Flett - $10.35
You're awesome!!