$1220 RAISED
$2,400 GOAL
Americans for Homeopathy Choice is a non-partisan community organization that was formed to:

– support the rights of the 6 million, and growing, Americans who use homeopathy,

– and homeopaths and naturopaths who use homeopathic remedies to treat their patients,

– and homeopathic pharmacies who manufacture and distribute remedies in the United States.

We are run by volunteers, and funded by donations from people who believe in our mission.

Visit to learn more and take action. Make your voice heard for Homeopathy in the US.
- Americans for Homeopathy Choice


Millions of Americans use acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, and other natural approaches to improve their health and wellness. The national health care debate, however, doesn’t take into account the potential that complementary and alternative practices have to lower costs, increase patient satisfaction, and, often, provide better lifetime outcomes. You can change that! By supporting VOICE FOR HOPE you give citizens a way to “raise the consciousness” of their elected representatives.


Cathi Diaz
$200 GOAL
Hello Mama Bears, Papa Bears, Kid Bears and Human Bears, let's walk and run for Homeopathy Freedom! Homeopathy needs our help to ensure that it is not silenced. The freedom to choose is invaluable. We need to spread awareness and truth about homeopathic remedies in the United States and preserve our rights to access them. Your participation and donation to the Generosity D. C. Walk/Run will help Americans for Homeopathy Choice defend Homeopathy! Stay strong in mind, body and spirit so we can fight the good fight for our right to choose Homeopathy!
Paola Brown
$1,000 GOAL
Paola Brown - Americans for Homeopathy Choice--I'll be leaving my farm in Texas to walk for Homeopathy in DC!
Rachel Cox
$1,000 GOAL
Thank you for supporting our right to choose our own path to wellness! Homeopathy has helped me personally so much and I want the freedom for me...and choose what works best for each of us.
Allison Stusse
$200 GOAL
I am running for freedom to choose homeopathy as my medical system


Heather Skigen - $103.50
Very proud of you!
Karen J. Diaz - $103.50
Way to go Cathi, I am proud of you!!!!
Anonymous - $103.50
Be truthful, gentle, and fearless. Ghandi

I have great admiration for your efforts Paola, and wish you success.

God bless
Alan R Wittman - $100
Rachel Cox - $100
Ralph and Patty Cox - $100
You Go Cathi!!!!!
Fatima Rubino Adams - $51.75
Success filhota. Te amo!
Jessica Santiago - $51.75
Because I would not be where I am today without your example of a true Christian woman and because of all the prayers and encouragement you gave me, I want to also support you. I wish it could be more, but please know that I love you and I am so very proud of you of the Godly woman you are!
Kurt Cobb - $51.75
Andreea Chirindel - $25.87
Thank you!
Anonymous - $25.87
ever onward - we will be heard and supported !
Kathleen Slonager Transform Health - $25.87
Thanks for all you do for the homeopathic community and for family health!
mary woloszyn - $25.87
I am so happy to support you in this walk/run! I hope this contribution helps.
Megan Harlan - $25.87
Anonymous - $25.87
Sheila T Smith - $25.87
I recently listened to your podcast with Joette and am so grateful for your committment, dedication and enthusiasm. Good luck!!
Christina Wahl - $25
I wish I could support every single one of you fabulous ladies! Thank you!
Harriet N Jones - $25
"...let us run with patience the race that is set before us..." Always with the power to choose.
Harriet N Jones - $25
Always with the power to choose, we win.
Stephanie Laura Laundrie - $25
Thank you for running to protect our right to choose homeopathy!
Tamara Athey - $25
Such an important issue for us all, thanks for stepping up to help secure our health freedom!
Thomas Holtmeyer - $25
Mindy McLane - $20.70
Love you Dearest Paola! I so appreciate all the time and energy you give to this cause!!
Ruth Reid - $20.70
Go Paola! Wish I could be there with you!
Yamit More - $20
Hi Paola!

This is Ananda, better late than never

deborah lee kresal - $10.35
Go Homeopathy!