Generosity Series

Empowering charities and their supporters to change the world through the easiest, most powerful peer-to-peer program anywhere

In 2005, Saul, took his first step into a healthy, active lifestyle and didn’t stop until he had completed the NYC Marathon. Along the way, he sparked a grassroots fundraising campaign for a food pantry and raised more than $40,000 in less than three weeks–without a website or software. Saul was hooked on the concept of using healthy activity to raise funds for charity. Energized, Saul co-founded a not-for-profit organization that paired healthy activities with charitable fundraising and raised over $600,000 for causes in less than three years. Pained by the facts that smaller organizations were at a disadvantage in the peer-to-peer world, and that larger organizations were forced to invest so much time and effort into events that their staff and fundraising suffered, Saul conceived The Generosity Series: a multi-charity peer to peer platform that removes the heavy lifting, risk, and expense that typically accompany Run/Walk events so that charities can do more with less and raise and retain more money for mission. After successfully growing The Generosity Series to 9 cities and more than 100 Charity Partners, the pandemic forced TGS to think about how it could bring the power of its mission and solution to the virtual space. The answer is Gratitude Rising– next generation virtual fundraising that combines the power and profit of the The Generosity Series with a robust gratitude curriculum that is engaging and valuable and helps build a global gratitude movement. Register for our 10/18 infosession to fund out how you can become a Chairty Partner of Gratitude Rising.


Generosity’s Core values:

Engage in something meaningful to enrich lives.

Approach Challenges with unstoppable innovation.

Combine openmindedness with optimism to make things work.

Be relentless in your efforts to meet the needs & reinforce the strengths of communities. 

The Team

Dave Linn

Chief Operating Officer

Dave doesn't "believe" that ordinary people can change the world, he KNOWS it. As Co-founder and COO of The Generosity Series, he has shared the power and profit of Peer-to-Peer fundraising with 100s of nonprofits and 1000s of fundraisers. A husband, father, grandfather, educator, board member, beer & coffee snob, published author, and corny-joke creator, purveyor & recycler, Dave is often called upon to present at seminars and conferences, and his Gratitude Workshop series has earned him the strange title of "The Gratitude Dude". Dave's Personal Why statement is: To give to and share with others so that, together, we’re greater than our biggest challenges.

Cindy Cooney

Charity Support Lead

Cindy brings more than two decades of nonprofit fundraising leadership to her role as Charity Support Lead, guiding and informing our Charity Partners to ensure success. Over the past 25 years., Cindy has served the March of Dimes Foundation in successively more responsible positions. She served 14 years as National Manager, Corporate Relations and was responsible for various aspects of their $100 million signature fundraiser, March for Babies, at the national level. Before that post, she held a number of fundraising positions at March of Dimes including being in charge of March for Babies for the State of California. She retired from March of Dimes in 2016 and joined Generosity in 2017.

Megan Knorr

Database & Automated Marketing Supervisor

Megan brings many years of management and team building experience to Generosity. She has transformed our database into an actively productive marketing system that allows us to reach and collaborate with charities throughout the country. A whiz at finding automated ways to get tasks done faster and more efficiently, she is a driving force behind the scenes. Megan's drive to help others doesn't stop at the end of the work day, she's a community leader participating in many activities with her three children and volunteering for many organizations. In her “spare time” she enjoys reading, running, hiking, paddle boarding and bike rides; she loves to spend time in the outdoors with her three children.

Adina Derdik

C-Suite Coordinating Champion

With a passion for nonprofits, a flare for the creative, and a marketing and design background, Adina ties it all together for Generosity. Her focus on web page creation, trouble shooting and event coordination is the oil that makes the Generosity machine run smoothly. Adina thrives on family time with her hubby and two little guys and enjoys party planning & interior decorating.